30 April 2010

New Item: Dish Doodad Kits!

I've been cutting up plastic shopping bags for ages, and finally put together some kits for making my Plarn Dish Doodads!

The kits include the pattern, three balls of plarn, and a completed Doodad sample. I think they turned out really cute!

I put tags on the plarn to identify what store the bags came from, and where. The kit pictured here has plastic from Lancaster, PA and Agawam, MA!
I'm always curious about that sort of thing, so I figured maybe other people would be interested too.  :)

The kits will be available for purchase at the Lancaster Yarn Shop, and coming soon to my Etsy site.

13 April 2010

April Giveaway - Earth Day

Hello everyone!

I just decided to hold my first-ever blog giveaway this month. Since Earth Day is April 22nd, the giveaway has an eco-friendly theme.

The grand prize winner will receive a custom market bag in their choice of colors. The bag can be made with Eco-Ways Recycled blend yarn, or USA-grown cotton ~ winner's choice!

And three lucky runners-up will receive a recycled plastic dish doodad!

You can earn up to six entries into the drawing in the following ways:

> become a follower of this blog

> "heart" my Etsy shop (add it as a favorite) - http://www.designsbymisschris.etsy.com/

> add my Bonanzle booth as a favorite - www.bonanzle.com/booths/designsbymisschris

> follow me on twitter - www.twitter.com/designsbymc

> tweet one of my shop items

> tell me which one of my items is your favorite (in either my Etsy shop or Bonanzle booth)

Leave a detailed comment/comments below to let me know everything you've done to earn entries! And be sure to tell me how to contact you if you're a winner. (If you're already a follower of my blog, or already have my shops as a favorite, let me know that too - you will receive retroactive entries!) Entries will be accepted through April 30th, 2010. Winners will be announced on or before 05/07/10. And stay tuned for future contests!

Thanks in advance for participating.  :)

Don't forget to smile, and have a great day. Go green!
~ miss chris

06 April 2010

Manly Market Bag

I've been making Market Bags for a little while now, and the man in my life wanted a "manly" one. Here's what I came up with!
It's made of USA-grown cotton yarn, in stripes of flourescent orange and camo. He's a bow hunter, so I thought the colors would be appropriate for him.

Usually I make one longer strap to carry on your shoulder, but he asked for two short handles because he carries it in his hand. So I altered my pattern just for him! What a lucky guy.  :)

I have several bags in other sizes and colors listed in both my Etsy shop and my booth on Bonanzle.

Stop by and take a look:

Have a great day!
~ miss chris

01 April 2010

Happy Day!

I stopped by a local yarn shop this week, and was chatting with the owner. I had my crochet bag with me (like always!) and showed her what I was working on - Plarn Dish Doodads. She loved them, asked if the pattern was my own invention (it is), and then asked if I would be interested in selling the pattern at the store. She also asked if I could supply the store with pre-cut plarn (plastic bags cut into long strips and used instead of yarn), and Dish Doodad Kits. Then, she asked if I would be willing to teach a class!

Of course, I accepted with glee. Now I need to get busy ~ the class is June 19th, but that will be here before I know it. I need to get patterns and kits to her asap, to hopefully generate interest in the class. She is interested in patterns for my Face Scrubbies and other items, too. I'm so excited!

Here are some pictures of Dish Doodads, Pot Scrubbers, and Dishrags that I've made recently.

Smile, and have a great day!
~ miss chris