05 May 2010

Busy Tuesday!

I couldn't sleep so I got up early Tuesday morning and went to the Laundromat. I love having the place to myself! After I got home with piles of clean clothes, I walked to the Post Office, bank, and Central Market. When I got back to my house I planted round two of veggie and herb seeds since the squirrels apparently ate my first planting. Those little buggers! I also built two shelves to store my growing collection of yarn, and discovered my power drill's working days are over. I had to turn those screws by hand!

I had such a busy day, I forgot to tell y'all about something. The EtsyFriends team (of which I am a proud member) is having a Springtime Giveaway. There is a lovely gift basket up for grabs, with over $230 in handmade goodies!
Click here for details:

Good luck!
~ miss chris

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