24 June 2010

Project 8 Completed!

Well, I did it! I made a washrag every day for the past two weeks. I'm going to make one more, and then ship all 15 down to the Gulf Coast to clean up wildlife impacted by the oil spill.

Reaching my goal is satisfying, and I know the washrags are for a worthy cause. Plus, it was a great way to use up odds and ends of cotton yarn!

These pictures are of the ones I made this past week. They look pretty all lined up together!

I am still running fundraising sales in my Etsy and Bonanzle shops, at least until the end of July. Be sure to stop by!

Don't forget to smile, and have a great day!
~ miss chris


  1. They are beautiful Chris! And they are my favorite kind. I might just have to visit your online store!

  2. Ooops...did not read thoroughly enough..I see they are not for sale! Sorry! I like what you are doing with them, though!

  3. Jeane' - I now have some listed and available for purchase in my Etsy shop, with more to come soon! :)

  4. Kudos on your efforts with Craft hope! Such a tragedy, but nice to see people giving their time and support. Best Wishes!

  5. Thank you! It was my peasure to be able to contribute.