08 September 2010

Holiday Washcloths

Recently I won a bid to make a pumpkin washcloth for a customer's son. I created the pattern and completed the pumpkin fairly easily.  She was so happy with it that she asked if I could make some other holiday washcloths too!

I ended up creating patterns for a snowman and snowflake without too much difficulty. The snowflake is a modified version of a lace ornament. I adapted it, enlarged it, and put it on a wintery blue hexagon. 

She also wanted a turkey washcloth for thanksgiving! I thought about it and thought about it, and when I sat down with my crochet hook this morning it turned out really cute on the first try. Gotta love it when something in my head comes out my hands exactly the way I imagined it!

Here is a picture of all four washcloths. Aren't they cute together? Which one is your favorite?


  1. Definitely loving that turkey! :D

  2. Well I love them all. I think the snowman and pumpkin need faces though. lol If I have to choose just one I would say the turkey as they sit right now.