17 October 2010

Art in the Ballpark

Last Saturday I partcipated in Art in the Ballpark, a benefit fundraiser at Clipper Stadium here in Lancaster, PA. The event raised money for a the Antonio Forte Transplant Fund.

It was a beautiful day, in spite of how chilly it was when we set up at 6 am. :) And it was fun to fill up my tables with my new product lines.

Bracelets and hair clippies,
One table was almost completely filled with all my plarn creations.

dish doodads, a wallet, and even a market bag -

all made out of plastic shopping bags!

It's also fun having more color on my tables. I love seeing such bright colors. Don't the face scrubbies and cotton balls look cute in their mis-matched pyrex bowls?


Usually I hang scarves and market bags on the frame of my tent for some vertical visual interest. However, sincewe were set up in the baseball stadium concourse, I didn't have my tent. So I hung them on a drying rack instead. People can't seem to resist touching the scarves!

It was a great event for a worthy cause. Thank you to everyone who came out and gave us their support!


  1. Looks like a great cause misschris, I'm sure a good time was had by all!

  2. Your items look awesome!!! I love the idea of using the Pyrex for display, and it looks like you had a wide variety of projects so that people could see the versatility of your work. Well done!!

  3. Thank you! I try to have something for everyone. :)

  4. 's;s so good that you did that misschris :)