02 September 2009

An interesting realization...

So I realized something yesterday... I am a huge fan of country music. However, I don't care much for Kenny Chesney. Never have, thought I never would. Don't know why, particularly - except that all his songs seem the same to me. Every time one of his songs comes on the radio in my car, I change the channel and if I hop back over and he's still singing, I think to myself "gee, isn't that song over yet??" I'm also not crazy about Dave Matthews' stuff for the past handful of years. "Crash" was a classic, of course, but nothing since then has really grabbed me. However, TOGETHER - they are brilliant! Love their song "I'm Alive" so much, I was forced to SongID it with my Verizon Wireless phone, and immediately purchase it over the air. Every time I hear THAT song, at the end I think to myself "gee, is that song over already??" Now I can listen to it whenever I want! :) It's nice to hear Kenny sing about something other than drinking and partying and such. Not that I have a problem with either of those activities, in moderation of course. ;) Don't forget to smile, and have a great day! ~ miss chris

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